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Amazonite (Calm Spirit, Renew Confidence, Self-Respect)

  • Meaning: Amazonite, often referred to as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity, and to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation.
  • Protection: As a protective stone, Amazonite helps to balance the emotions and gives physical stamina, while its energy filtering capability shields against electromagnetic pollution.
  • Usage: Usage of Amazonite includes wearing it as jewelry, carrying it as a stone, or using it in meditation to open up the Heart and Throat Chakras, promoting communication and clarity.
  • Care: To care for Amazonite, it's recommended to cleanse it under running lukewarm water, and to recharge it under the moonlight, avoiding direct sunlight as it may affect the stone’s color.