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Hematite Bracelet (Strength, Protects, Heal, Vitality)

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✨Hematite Bracelet✨

Hematite stone is truly a remarkable gem that offers a myriad of benefits to those who wear it. Its grounding and balancing properties make it an essential tool for maintaining stability and clarity in your life. By wearing a hematite bracelet, you not only enhance your memory and mental acuity but also invite moments of profound introspection and contemplation.

Furthermore, hematite's protective energy is particularly empowering for women who may be seeking to bolster their courage and inner strength. This crystal works to harmonize your aura and align your chakras, creating a sense of equilibrium that connects the energies of your mind, body, and spirit. Through this alignment, you can experience a profound sense of safety and security, rooted in the grounding forces of the earth.

In addition to its grounding properties, hematite also imbues its wearers with a sense of courage, strength, and vitality. Its energy fosters endurance and resilience, while simultaneously sharpening your focus, concentration, memory, and creative thinking abilities. By embracing the power of hematite, you are not only enhancing your inner strength but also tapping into a wellspring of creativity and mental clarity.

Affirmation when working with hematite

I am committed to seeing my hopes and dreams manifest into reality. I trust in the good of the world. I am love, and all that surrounds me is love. I release all energetic attachments to someone I trust. I have the courage to stand strong. I am connected and grounded through the earth. I am at home, wherever I am.

Magical Healing Properties

Focus, concentration, will power, balance, grounding, clarity, practicality

Natural gemstone beads
Bracelet length: 7 inches. (Stretchable cord, Fit for all)
Bead size: 7.5-8mm
Bead Quality: AAA

Every Bracelet is handcrafted with love and positive intentions for the wearer.

Note 1: If you wish to make a custom size, please leave us an email with your order number. It will take an extra 1-2 days to ship your order in the size you mentioned.
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Note 2: Bead sizes are approximate and may have a variation of +/- 0.5mm. Drill hole sizes are approximate and may have a variation of +/- 0.2mm. All natural gemstones vary in color and pattern. We try our best to make our photos represent the real products in person.

Usage and charging

Note: One should always charge and cleanse a crystal first before use.

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This product is not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment; rather, it is meant to provide spiritual support.

Have a happy healing!