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Amazonite Pocket Stone (Communicate, Balance, Love)


🌈 Includes : 

1 Amazonite Pocket Stone
Size: 2-4' (As shown in pictures)

❣️ Want to continue to retain a bond with that special someone?

❣️ Amazonite can help. A stone of the throat and heart chakra, amazonite will help you communicate openly and clearly, in a safe and loving space, allowing both partners to freely voice out their thoughts, and release emotional baggage that can come in the way of a relationship moving forward.

❣️ Wearing amazonite or adding it to your space will help to balance out conflicting emotional energy and aid in expression and communication, even over delicate matters.

❣️ If you're looking to repair an existing relationship, amazonite can help you and partner see both sides to the story, alleviating fear and judgment, while maintaining love and respect.

Chakra: Throat, Heart