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Angelite Bracelet (Angelic Communications, Balance, Sereniy)

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  • Meaning: Angelite, a form of gypsum, is a soft pale blue crystal that symbolizes soothing and peaceful energy.
  • Healing Properties: This crystal aids in connecting with the Angel realm, enhancing dreams, intuition, self-expression, and promoting an expanded peace of mind.
  • Protection: Angelite serves as an in-depth cleanser of negative energy, fostering connections with spirit guides, guardian angels, and facilitating astral travel and telepathic communication.
  • Usage: Angelite can be worn as jewelry, placed in homes for Feng Shui practices, or used in spiritual rituals to enhance spiritual awareness and promote lucid dreaming.
  • Care: Being a soft stone, Angelite should be cleansed gently using sage smoke or brief immersion in spring water, and can be charged under the full moon or with crystal clusters.