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ARIES ♈ Crystal Box

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What To Know About Pisces Sign?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries's element is fire and its ruling planet is Mars. The symbol of Aries is the ram. Aries is known for being “very pioneering, domineering, enterprising, and brave,”

Use these crystals to help align you with the Energy of Aries

What will you get?

1 Black Onyx Sphere

1 Clear Quartz Raw

1 Aquamarine Raw 
Aquamarine is one of the strongest communication stones in the pack and is ever ready to entice Aries to speak their truth (as they always do), but in a way that doesn’t cause deep emotional ripples for those you love. A luscious stone of compassionate and calm energy, Aquamarine invites you to plunge in and swim with purposeful healing.

1 Red Jasper Raw
Red Jasper is a perfect planetary stone match. As we know by now that Aries can be restless and often impatient, Red Jasper is here to bring its tranquil edge and intricate balance to keep those rams on the right track. Jasper is a joyous grounding stone that knows how to tap into those base chakra blocks and clear them right out. The result is a renewed sense of vibrancy, a deep-felt joy, and all the cosmic swirls of creativity to boot.

1 Hematite Tumble

1 Green Aventurine Bracelet
Aventurine brings together that brilliant balance of empathy and compassion matched by direct action. While the Aries sign is certainly all about straight and direct action, sometimes their sense of compassion can be a little down low. This problem-solving stone also takes a positive approach making it an excellent tool for those times when moods are dipping low.

1 Citrine Tumble

1 Bloodstone Raw
The bloodstone is a great zodiac stone to match the Mars-inspired nature of all those Aries out there. This was the stone that warriors would take onto the battlefield as it greatly enhanced their physical strength and kept them well-protected even when the world around them had fallen to fire and ruin. Aries love to charge forth and conquer and Bloodstone keeps them on this direct path without losing their footing. 

 Happy Healing :)