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Bloodstone Raw (Purification, Love, Grounding)

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šŸŒˆĀ Includes :Ā 

1 Rough BloodstoneĀ (As shown in pictures)

BloodstoneĀ is an intense healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart and is conducive to balancing the total body in order to overcome any distress or anxiety associated with the re-alignment of these energies. ... Red crystal energy is used to clear blockages and re-balance the Base Chakra.

BloodstoneĀ is excellent for the HeartĀ Chakra, pumping fresh energies to your love center. If it has the red hematite inclusions, you can also use the stone for the RootĀ ChakraĀ for grounding and physical energy.

Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body,Ā BloodstoneĀ brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue.