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Bronzite (Grounding, Courage, Harmony) Bracelet

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Bronzite is a strong stone that can give you the courage to face your fears and make the changes you need to to live a more fulfilling life.

How to use it?

Bronzite Healing Properties and Benefits

Inner Peace

  • Bronzite properties include peace, teaching you acceptance and openness. Instead of negative self-talk, you’ll realize all the benefits the cosmos has in store for you.  
  • Activate your Bronzite for inner peace by smudging it with a sacred herb, like sage, while chanting OM. 

Creativity and Intelligence

  • The mind-expanding effects of Bastite also improve your brain power and the quest for knowledge after bonding with it. Bronzite is great for overcoming writer’s block because it boosts productivity. 
  • You can place your crystal on a yoga mat and sit on it with your spine above the stone. Do some breathwork, yoga, or meditation to charge the stone before carrying it. 

Courage and Confidence

  • Anxiety and evil go together, and Bastite helps to banish both by improving self-respect and self-confidence.
  • Learn to dare in life by always keeping a charged Bronzite in your left pocket. To charge it for courage or confidence, bury it overnight under three inches of soil. 


  • Do you feel tired? Bronzite clears chakra blockages to clear your mental load and boost energy. 
  • Charge your crystal with the fire energy of a candle before eating or drinking. 

Patience and Grounding

  • Whether it’s anger management or pessimism hindering your patience, Bronzite can help by grounding excess energies away. 
  • Program Bronzite for patience by chanting positive affirmations into the crystal. It will help to ground away your tension and worries.