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Car Protection Crystal Pouch

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🌈 Includes: 

1 FREE Book (Inspiration - A Step Ahead)
1 Selenite Stick
1 Black Tourmaline (Tumble)
1 Amethyst (Rough)
1 Tiger Eye (Tumble )
1 Smoky Quartz (Tumble )
1 Clear Quartz (Sphere Ball)

** Stones size (2-3 cm) 

Be protected while you drive with the high energy frequency of crystals! Each sachet includes 6 full-size crystals each specializing in protecting something different within your car.
This hand-selected crystal set is a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one to bring safety and protection to your car while driving. Clear any negative energy that surrounds your car and get to your destination safely. Great for beginners and experienced crystal lovers looking to grow their collections.

All items have been created with the highest intention as well as infused with Reiki Energy giving your kit a power boost.