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Carnelian Raw (Good Fortune, Goals, Creativity, Sex, Motivation)

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🌈 Includes : 

1 Rough Carnelian Stone
Size: 2-6' (As shown in pictures)

🍊 Carnelian boosts your physical energy and vitality and strengthens your courage and stamina. It is especially helpful for integrating the first three chakras and increasing creativity and willpower.

 🍊 It’s also a stone of sexual vitality and physical play. It can help someone struggling to make decisions, act from conviction, or move forward with confidence. It is truly a “power stone”.

Carnelian for New Beginnings

 🍊 If you are launching a new venture and feeling timid about taking risks and venturing into uncharted waters, the carnelian can strengthen your convictions and keep you aligned and attuned with your inner passion.

 🍊 Carnelian is a stone of action and helps you embrace change and make the most of the transformational period in your life.