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Sodalite Bracelet (Intuition, Truth, Self-Esteem)

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  • Meaning: Sodalite, often associated with communication and poetry, is a tectosilicate mineral known for its royal blue and purple shades, aiding in balancing the head and the heart to align individuals with their true selves.
  • Healing Properties: This crystal is revered for its ability to enhance self-esteem, boost communication, strengthen the immune system, and provide emotional well-being by promoting logic, truth, and inner peace.
  • Protection: Sodalite serves as an emotional anchor, providing a calming touch, clearing mental clouds, and fostering positive thinking, making it a soothing companion in turbulent times.
  • Usage: Sodalite can be worn as jewelry to absorb its energy, placed under the pillow to aid with insomnia, or used in Feng Shui to bring emotional balance and enhance communication in home and office spaces.
  • Care: To cleanse and recharge Sodalite, it's recommended to rinse it under running water, and for a deeper clean, it can be placed in water with charged rock crystals for twelve hours; it also appreciates being wrapped in silk for a sublime recharge or being placed in sunlight for about ten minutes to absorb a bright burst of energy.