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Crystal Holder Stand 7 Sphere

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Crystal Holder Stand 7 Sphere-Egg-Lingam-Diwali Tealight Candle Holder-Orgonite Candle Holder

Three types of Metal gold, rose gold, or silver display crystal stands for 7 Piece.

Metal 7-Sphere Stand Holder.
Holds small to medium Crystal Products.

Crystals not included. They are for reference only.

7 Round metal sphere holder Stand Measurement: 11(280mm) x 7(175mm) approx.

SILVER Rose Gold, and Yellow YELLOW GOLD

Qty:1 piece

Hello, here is a tall brass or gold-colored display stand that will hold (7) seven spheres, eggs, globes, golf balls, or other round pieces, And Any Other Crystal products.

Please note that the Spheres are not included.

This stunning Yellow Gold Stand Holds up to 7 Spheres in various sizes. It is used to display our beautiful spheres without taking up too much room.

Ideal gift or keepsake for any occasion