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Lime Serpentine Bracelet (Life-giving Energies, Grounded Spirituality)

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  • Serpentine can open your mind to cosmic blessings with prolonged exposure. It’s great for broad-mindedness, acceptance, wisdom, and empathy. 
  • The best way to activate Serpentine for wisdom is by charging it with the healing sounds of a metal singing bowl. You can place the crystal within a few inches of the bowl while playing with it.
  • The spiritual meaning of Serpentine is connected to the Kundalini energy.

    This is the life force energy that runs through our bodies and is often represented as a snake.

    The word Serpentine comes from the Latin word Serpentinus, which means “of or belonging to a snake.”

    Serpentine is a stone that aids in the activation of the Kundalini energy. Because it is the life energy that flows through our bodies, the Kundalini energy is sometimes compared to a snake.