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Good Night- Sleep Better Pouch

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Are you having trouble sleeping at night?
Our mini Sleep Better Crystal Kit will not only assist in falling asleep but also stay sleeping throughout the night.
Keep this crystal set by your nightstand or under your pillow and get a good night's rest. 🌙

Each Kit Includes

1X Amethyst -For Catching Perfect Dreams and connection to guardian Angels🧚‍♀️ while sleeping.

1X Black Tourmaline-Blocks Nightmares and negative energies.

1X Rhodochrosite-Promotes Emotional Healing during sleep (like childhood traumas, abuse etc)

1X Clear Quartz-For Peaceful and continuous sleep.

1X GoodNight Affirmations Card.

🛏All crystals are smaller in size so you can easily place them under your pillow.

All items have been created with the highest intention as well as infused with Reiki Energy giving your  kit a power boost.