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Howlite Bracelet (De-Stress, heal, Peace)

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  • Meaning: Howlite is a borate mineral known for its chalky white appearance with dark veins, symbolizing patience and perspective.
  • Healing Properties: Serving as a calming stone, Howlite soothes the body, mind, and spirit, promoting wisdom, raising awareness, and granting clear vision.
  • Protection: Howlite acts as a competent cleanser of negative energy, mopping up bad vibes and ensuring a connection with higher realms, while also aiding in emotional regulation and stress absorption.
  • Usage: Howlite can be worn as jewelry, placed in homes or offices to detoxify environments and enhance communication, or tucked under a pillow to promote restful sleep.
  • Care: To maintain its energy, Howlite should be cleansed by running it under flowing water or placing it in a bowl of brown rice, and can be charged by exposing it to moonlight.