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Orange Aventurine (Manifest, Creativity, Good Luck)


What will you get?

1 Piece Orange Aventurine Tumble

Size: 1" - 1.5"
Finishing: Polished
Weight: 15-20g

Orange Aventurine Associations

Zodiac - Taurus
Chakra - Sacral & Solar
Element - Earth

Meaning & Energy

Orange Aventurine is a Stone of Confidence, Self-Worth, and Personal Will.
This gemstone calms negative thoughts and activates creative ideas, it initiates new possibilities and encourages perseverance.
Orange Aventurine is an all-around healer to bring joy into one's life.
Works with the second chakra, dissolving creative blocks and healing sexual trauma.
Aids in independence and originality. stimulates creativity & enhances personal power. Enhances intellectual powers & promotes communication.
Useful when feeling limited, inhibited, or confined, especially within one’s own thoughts.