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Prosperity Bowl (Manifest Money & Abundance)

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Crystals are messengers of the Universe. They record your intentions and deliver them out to the Universe.

Crystals are naturally structured to conduct energy. They bring back the wisdom and answers you need to complete your goals.

For the most effective usage of crystals, you want to deliberately infuse them with your personal intentions. 

Prosperity Bowl

This set includes crystals for an abundance of prosperity and manifestation to keep in your altar, in your office, or any place you please.

It is popular in the practice of feng shui it is popular to keep and wealth pot or prosperity bowl in the southeast corner of one's home to attract wealth, luck, and abundance. The element of wood is necessary for any wealth corner; along with green and gold gems that signify: wealth, abundance, money, etc.

Tiger Eye: 

A powerful stone of protection, Tiger Eye also promotes confidence, wealth, and abundance. Tiger Eye instills confidence and courage in the wearer, allowing you to be in the right mindset for prosperity. Wear this stone at all times to attract abundance in your life.


A stone famous for being confused with gold, Pyrite is a fantastic way of bringing abundance and wealth into your life. Pyrite is associated with the element of Earth. As this element governs material goods, we can connect with the element of Earth when wanting to bring prosperity into our lives. 

Place a piece of Pyrite in your wallet or purse to attract money and wealth. 

Green Aventurine: 

Green Aventurine brings luck into your life, with its powerful vibrations boosting your personal powers. Its energy will bring you new ideas, allowing you to plan your long-term financial goals. Green aaventurine also has energy of peace and tranquility, helping you to keep a calm head when pursuing money and wealth.

Connected to the Heart Chakra, you can wear a Green aventurine necklace to open up to luck and prosperity. 

Orange Selenite: 

Orange Selenite is a wonderful manifesting crystal. You can manifest abundance, success, wealth, and happiness with the help of these orange gemstones. Orange selenite also helps you achieve a higher sense of wisdom and understanding.


1 Large Tiger's Eye Tumbled/Rough Stone
1 Large Green Aventurine Tumble Stone
1 Large Pyrite Cluster
1 Medium Red Selenite Tumble Stone

& 1 Drawstring Bag

Simply place in the southeast corner of your home and allow the energies of abundance and prosperity to flow it. Feel free to add gold coins or any other talisman that symbolizes wealth.