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Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace


A simple necklace design in black with a 100% natural, raw Black Tourmaline stone, excellent to be used over the heart, throat, or solar plexus and root chakra, for both men and women.

* Each stone varies slightly in size
* Adjustable cord length - maximum length 80cms (30")
* Slide system close - very secure (and easy to do on your own!)

BLACK TOURMALINE is said to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants and be highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts and turning them into positive, usable energy. Black Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system. 

How did we make it?

* With a technique known as micro MACRAMÉ - the art of tying knots