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Scorpio Zodiac Bracelet Set


This healing crystals intention bracelet set for Scorpio zodiac has been carefully crafted with Labradorite, Unakite, and Red Garnet, three powerful stones that bring balance, grounding, and protection.

Each crystal has been specifically chosen to bring Scorpio's strong and passionate nature in line with the goal of self-discovery and transformation, while also providing a connection to the spiritual.

Labradorite is known to reduce stress and anxiety while also promoting spiritual growth.

Unakite helps to release emotional blockages, and Garnet encourages strength and courage.

Together, these three stones make a powerful combination that will help Scorpio reach their highest potential.


  • LABRADORITE is a powerful stone of transformation and change, helping individuals to navigate difficult transitions and overcome challenges. It is believed to help Scorpio individuals tap into their inner strength and intuition, promoting self-discovery and growth.
  • RED GARNET is a stone of passion and creativity, providing support and encouragement to those who wear it. It is said to enhance energy and vitality, promoting courage and confidence in one's abilities, which can be especially helpful for Scorpio individuals who are often driven by intense emotions and desires.
  • UNAKITE is a stone of balance and harmony, promoting emotional healing and inner peace. It is believed to help Scorpio individuals release negative patterns and emotions, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • To gain maximum benefit from your crystals, wear them as much as possible, preferably touching your skin, and cleanse them regularly.