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Strawberry Quartz Bracelet (Gratitude, Universal love, Harmony)

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    • A crystal that encourages balance in relationships and environments. Using Strawberry Quartz contributes to a peaceful atmosphere in a room. 
    • It is helpful to place the crystal in the room where you wish for harmony and balance. You can also use this crystal while meditating and envisioning good relationships. 
  • The strawberry quartz represents growth, passion sexuality, love, and affection.  

    As a stone of joy and abundance, this crystal will help attract positive energy into all aspects of your life. 

    Also a wonderful stone for those who might be going through a period of depression. The strawberry quartz will help enlighten your feelings!

    Strawberry Quartz as Jewelry  

    If you want to attract an abundance, and joy, find your soulmate, heal your wounds, and move forward in life then keep Strawberry Quartz connected with your skin.