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Protection Stones for Psychic Attacks

Psychic energy is a spiritual energy that can come in the form of thoughts, emotions, or even visualizations.

Everyone has psychic energy. Your aura or energy field is nothing but your psychic energy and protection crystals can help shield this space from unwanted negativity or psychic attacks.

Psychic attacks are consciously or unconsciously sending negative vibes to cause harm to a person. The most common form of this energy is thoughts in the form of envy, ill intentions, jealousy, and anger.

Protection crystals can absorb, clear, or balance negativity in a way that makes these attacks do no harm. Some stones can even shield or cloak you from that energy.

Stones like tiger eye, hematite, and lapis lazuli shield and absorb psychic energies, disarming and neutralizing them.

It's also important to understand that a lot of times things like over-thinking, blame, fear, worry, and stress are all misusing your own psychic energy, and crystals for protection can also help redirect these sabotaging thoughts to a positive, beneficial energy force.