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7 Chakra Crystal Tree

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Special OFFER - 1 FREE 7 Chakra Bracelet 🙏🏻🩷🌈

This beautiful Chakra "Tree of Life" makes an incredible energy piece. There are 7 clusters of tumbled chips creating the "leaves" on a twisted wire tree. Each gemstone represents one of the 7 major Chakras.

🎁 The combination of these stones will work together to help cleanse, align, and balance your energy centers. This decorative is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else who is looking for a powerful energy piece to assist with creating balance in their lives.

🌳 The meaning of the Tree of Life as a spiritual symbol is well known and, like the tree itself, many branched and deeply rooted.
All of us are physically interrelated and the Tree of Life symbolizes this, as well. Like an enormous family tree, the symbol of the Tree shows the branches - where we have diverged and where we have joined. It shows where we come from and who comes from us.

🌸 All my crystals are much loved and will come blessed with loving Reiki energy, We want you to feel the crystals in their true, divine form. ॐ

Note: Place this near your Meditation Area or bedroom.