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Crown Chakras Stones


Crown Chakras Stones

You can think of your highest chakra as a receiver of consciousness from the Source, which keeps you connected with the Divine and your Higher Self. This chakra offers you a sense of awareness that there is a deeper significance and order in life, regulating all of creation.

Some of the main functions of crown chakra are:

  • Spirituality
  • Consciousness
  • Self-Realization
  • Enlightenment
  • Life Purpose
  • Fulfillment

What will you get?

7 Crown Chakra Stones - 1 White Selenite, 1 Clear Quartz, 1 Labradorite, 1 Howlite, 1 Rainbow Moonstone, 1 White Agate, 1 Rainbow Fluorite

Clear Quartz If there is only 1 stone that you can get to start working with your 7 chakras, it has to be clear quartz! This powerful stone is also known as the 'master healing crystal', as it has the potential to balance and integrate all of your energy centers. Clear quartz will also bring more clarity to your mind by filtering out all unnecessary distractions. It symbolizes the absolute white light of creation that expresses itself in its crystalline beauty.  

Selenite This is the perfect crystal to purify the light within your aura. Selenite will connect you with your higher self and your guardian angels. It has the potential to open channels into higher realms and connect you with the divine. It is a great stone to use during your meditations, as it creates a calming effect.

Howlite will offer you a gift of deeper wisdom and enlightenment. It will assist you in connecting to the higher dimensions and removing the veils, and illusions that are blocking your vision. Howlite is a perfect meditation stone as it can help you to concentrate your mind. It will help you to cultivate the stillness of your mind and minimize any distractions.

White Agate's
energy assists with balancing the positive and negative energy of the soul. This creates a harmony that assists in connecting to one's spirit guides and navigating the angelic realm.

Labradorite is the dreamer’s stone, and its spiritual meaning centers around that. It is your portal to access higher realms of wisdom, connect with the divine, and uncover parts of your subconscious genetic makeup.

Rainbow Moonstone A lovely stone that holds the power of the moon, moonstone is a gentle healer of the crown chakra as well as your other chakras that works more powerfully under the gentle brightness of the moon.

Rainbow Fluorite Gorgeously grounding yet ever ready to elevate your soul, this shimmering multifaceted stone stirs creativity, connects you to your intuition, and is always ready to send those worries skittering off a cliff, making way instead for a more positive mindset.

Size: 1" - 1.5"
Finishing: Polished
Weight: 20-25g

Crown Chakra Affirmations

  • I honor the Divine within me
  • I am open to new ideas
  • Information I need comes to me easily
  • The world is my teacher
  • I am guided by a higher power and inner wisdom
  • I am worthy of love from divine energy
  • I am open to letting go of my attachments
  • I live in the present moment
  • I am an extension of the Universe, and The Universe is kind and loving
  • I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.

    How To Use Crown Chakra Stones

    There is no correct or incorrect way for crown chakra stones to be used. However, I am going to give you a few creative ideas on how to include them as a part of your daily routine:

    • Meditate with your gemstones and crystals.
    • Place the stones on your physical body (crown chakra point is located slightly above your head).
    • Put the stones in different places around your home. Some of the crown chakra stones, such as clear quartz, can be placed in large, open spaces (for example living room).
    • Wear your crown chakra stones as a form of jewelry.
    • Use them during your bath time.
    • Create your own, beautiful chakra crystal grid by combing them together with other chakra stones.

    How to use crystals for healing?

    • Hold a crystal during meditation.
    • Create a crystal grid.
    • Add crystals to your altar.
    • Carry a crystal with you throughout your day.
    • Place crystals on your body.
    • Use crystals during your yoga practice.
    • Bring positive energy to your décor.
    • Incorporate crystals into your self-care routine.

    The most powerful way to heal the Crown chakra is through meditation. This is because of the ties between the crown chakra and spirituality. The regular meditation practice of all sorts is beneficial. For a meditation focused on Sahasrara, envision white light pouring into the top of your head, filling your body and connecting you with the world around you. If you only have a few moments to meditate, try imagining a violet lotus flower over your crown for simple chakra meditation.

    How can the Crown chakra benefit you?

    • When your Crown chakra is open, you will feel:
    • Physically and spiritually balanced
    • Connected to Universal energy
    • Like a successful human being
    • Peaceful and grateful
    • Happy with your circumstances
    • Spiritually awakened
    • Surrounded by abundance

    Happy Healing :)