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Howlite cubes (Rest, Mindfulness, Patience)


What will you get?

1 Piece Howlite mini cube

Size: 0.5" - 1"
Finishing: Polished
Weight: 15-20g

Howlite Associations

Zodiac - Gemini & Virgo
Chakra - Crown
Element - Air
Vibration - Number 2
Typical colors -  cream or white, with fine grey or black veins in a web-like pattern

Meaning & Energy

A White Howlite stone will not only prove to be a beautifying element for your place but also rejuvenate the vibrations of its surroundings.

White Howlite is a stone that brings peace and tranquility. It is said to be a stone of infinite patience and can aid in achieving goals and ambitions.

  • Enlightens spiritual consciousness
  • Furnishes peaceful aura
  • Links to higher realms

White Howlite is the best crystal known that can help you control your rage, impatience, and arrogant behavior.

It is a crystal of compassion and generosity that will flip your world upside down and help you understand things in a better manner.

The white color of Howlite symbolizes purity and serenity like any other white crystal.

It will also help you in times when you feel demotivated and uninspired to perform your tasks by generating a passion for exploring, creating, and implementing.