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Red Tiger Eye (Self-worth, Vitality, Motivation)

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šŸŒˆĀ Includes :Ā 

1 Piece Polished Tiger Eye Stone (A-Grade)

Healing benefitsĀ 

  • Bringing insight into complex situations.
  • Protecting from negative energies.
  • Helping focusĀ the mind.
  • Attracting good luck.
  • Deepening one's meditative state.
  • Grounding and centering personal energy.
  • Dispelling fears.
  • Promoting mental clarity.

Placing Tiger's Eye for Good Feng Shui

Because the tiger's eye has strong protective qualities, one excellent placement for this stone is near theĀ front doorĀ to your home or office or by a big window. Many people also place the tiger's eye stone in their children's rooms. In addition, to benefit from the clearing and calming properties of tiger's eye, place several tiger's eye stones in yourĀ home office.

Furthermore, the tiger's eye can be a good feng shui enhancer for the West and NorthwestĀ Bagua areasĀ of a home or an officeĀ because it brings clear, crisp, and earthy energy. Crispness and clarity are properties associated with theĀ metalĀ feng shui element that dominates those two Bagua areas, and the earthiness of the tiger's eye helps to support the metal element.