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Green Aventurine Crystal Eye Mask


Intensify the beautifying effects of your sacred self-care rituals when you connect with the beauty and self-love-boosting energy of Green Aventurine by placing this 100% genuine Green Aventurine  Eye Mask over your eyes.

Whatever has you feeling stressed out or tense will quickly fade away, and your crystal eye mask will bring you back to a state of love, happiness, and relaxation, bolstered by unconditional self-love as you take great care of yourself.

When you feel beautiful you look beautiful: your self-compassion radiates outwards and attracts unconditional love to you.

How to use it? 

  • Place the rose quartz eye mask over your eyes while lying in a comfortable position.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly to release tension and focus the mind on the centuries-old practice of absorbing the crystal's energy.
  • In this case, the energy most often associated with rose quartz is love.
  • Leave for up to 20 minutes.

Size: 9" Approx
Weight: 200g
100% Green Aventurine