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Taurus Crystal Box

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What To Know About Taurus Sign? 

The element of Taurus(20th April - May 20th) is Earth, Taurus is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, pleasure, beauty, and money) the symbol is a bull. Taurus is as strong-willed as the bull that represents them, and as earthly as the ground beneath their feet. Intelligent, strong, and with just a pinch of stubbornness to see them through, those who share the Taurus zodiac sign need gemstones that share in their vibrations.

Tauruses need extra crystal help when it comes to thriving in fast-paced, demanding environments. They also benefit from crystals to help them relax from the stress of perfectionism and the pressure to exceed others’ expectations (or their own).

How to use crystals for Taurus?

Place crystals on your desk

Most Taureans are hard-working and spend a lot of time in their office. If you’re one of them, keep your crystals on your desk to benefit from their soothing energy while working. Carnelian and Howlite are the best stones for this. They give ultra-calming, anxiety-reducing energy, and creativity to help you stay focused on your task.

Recite crystal affirmations

One of the most effective ways to use your crystals is to recite affirmations. Hold your chosen crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and say your affirmation out loud several times.

Set intentions with your crystals

Setting an intention with your crystal is a fantastic method to manifest dreams and desires. Think about what you really want and choose a crystal that matches your intention. 

For example, if you want to be more grounded you could use Black Tourmaline or Labradorite. 

Simply hold your Black Tourmaline/Labradorite crystal in your hand, take three deep breaths, and repeat your intention one time. This simple one-minute ritual will encourage you to take a step further toward what you want to manifest.

What will you get?

1 Howlite Sphere

Howlite for its ultra-calming, anxiety-reducing energy, and working with it can be amazingly helpful when it comes to keeping your Taurus-like cool and maintaining your focus. Howlite opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements. It can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress, and/or rage."

1 Amethyst Tumble
The Amethyst as a Taurus birthstone is an interesting choice as it lends itself well to a stone that makes people feel secure, while simultaneously inviting them to step out of their comfort zone. Amethyst amplifies joy and warmth, and as Taureans are already such fun people to be around this only helps heighten the fun without slipping into hedonistic patterns.

1 Labradorite Raw
Enhance intuition and stay grounded with this Labradorite. It encourages one to trust their insights and helps them feel safe and connected. It brings clarity and intuitive wisdom, this is a flashy gemstone that empowers you through inner strength.  

1 Rose Quartz Bracelet
This is the de-stress QUEEN of the crystal world. Rose quartz is a gentle, healing, peaceful crystal that promotes self-love and self-respect, helping you to stop dwelling on what others think of you. If you’ve had woes recently, this crystal will help you put them to the side and get back to being your flirty, fabulous self. Rose Quartz is a loving gemstone that can help Taurus natives regain their confidence when they are going through tough times. 

1 Carnelian Raw
Taureans tend to sit a little on the quiet side, but with a flash of Carnelian, they may find the courage to let their personality shine. Carnelian also works to strengthen that sacral chakra, Carnelian encourages the soul to go on a winning streak. 

1 Sodalite Raw
Sodalite helps open and balance the throat chakra so you can express yourself clearly and confidently. It also strengthens your intuition so you can act shrewdly and wisely. This is a great relationship-building stone.

1 Black Tourmaline Raw
Taurus is associated with black tourmaline, simply because its properties are super beneficial to this sign.

Black tourmaline is a comforting and grounding stone, that helps protect from negative energy. As a result, it can help Taurus by letting go of some of the tension often associated with this sign. It allows them to be a little more comfortable in their own skin, which will help them to build stable relationships.

This sign is known to be determined, which can sometimes result in them being a little stuck in their own ways and feeling very irritated when they need to change. They are a fixed sign after all, which makes them great at focusing, but also stubborn. Additionally, Taurus is looking for perfection and will not accept anything less than that.

Black tourmaline can help Taurus let go of some of this pressure, and accept that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. As a result, Taurus can use their hardworking and organized abilities to their advantage, instead of having them work against them.

Happy Healing :)