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The Evil Eye Pyramid

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The Evil Eye Pyramid

Size: H 2", B.Width: 1.75"
Weight: 80g

Do you ever have that fear where your happiness or love may vanish all of a sudden?

If that sounds familiar, you must have an idea about the evil eye concept. It is based on how people may feel jealous or envious of someone. Anyone can eye your possession, and radiate a negative and harmful aura around you.

For example, in several cases, someone’s business crashes down due to the evil feelings of a jealous person. To keep these evil thoughts or feelings at bay, people use the evil eye to protect themselves. Most people around the globe believe in the evil eye. They believe in the concept that someone can unintentionally harm or wish you ill, and evil-eye can protect you from it. It acts as a guard, and people around South Asia, Europe, Africa, etc., generally hang the evil eye in their homes.

How to use it?

You can place this beautiful Pyramid in your workstation area or car it has a strong base that gets stick to anything easily.

Happy Healing :)