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Tourmalated Quartz Standing Tower (Unblock Energy Blocks)

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🌈 Includes : 

1 Tourmalated Quartz Standing Tower (As shown in pictures)
Medium: H- 7.5 cm, W - 70g - 80g
Large: H- 8.5 cm, W - 70g - 80g

Tourmalated Quartz is a crystal that will help you eliminate destructive patterns. It’s also a powerful crystal that will ground and protect you.

Its needle-like inclusions of Black Tourmaline are already powerful and protective enough in their own right. Its high energies will also help you increase your personal power.

It’s an excellent shield crystal that will amplify energies that are sent your way.

Depending on your needs or desires, you can either send this amplified energy back to its source like a mirror spell, or you can transmute it to something more beneficial and positive for you.

If you combine it with crystals for confidence, Tourmalated Quartz will help you balance your yin and yang energies so that you can release your negative behaviors, habits, and patterns.

It will stimulate the flow of energy to your energy channels.