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Triple Protection Bracelet

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💛This gorgeous Protection Bracelet is the perfect crystals for shielding against negative energies.👌💖

💎Gemstones : Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian, Hematite
💎Round beads size - 8mm
💎Wrist Size : Stretchable.

🌷Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian, and Hematite combine to create a robust shield of triple protection.
Tiger Eye empowers with confidence and clarity, acting as a vigilant guardian against negative energies.

Black Obsidian forms an impenetrable barrier, deflecting and dispelling harmful forces.

Hematite grounds and stabilizes, fortifying one's energetic boundaries.

Together, they form a formidable trio, synergistically amplifying their protective properties, ensuring comprehensive defense against both external and internal challenges, providing a sense of security and stability on multiple levels.